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Blog Hop Winner!

Congratulations to our October #2 blog hop winner Karen H!  You won our random drawing for a a $20 gift certificate to use at   Email me at to find out how to claim your prize.

There is so much to love about Autumn!   Here in Missouri we have an amazing Department of Conservation which provides many services to protect and manage our wildlife and resources.   They provide information about everything from which native wildflowers will attract and support butterflies to when trout season ends.   They’ll let you know where you’re most likely to see pheasant and how to behave if you happen to run into a bear.  Look for similar resources in your own state – then head outside to experience Autumn!

Serendipity Stamps supports all of you nature lovers too!   Above you see our Angler and Everyday Words stamps.   Below you see our Pheasant stamp, Relax die and Wood Sequins.   This is only a small example – visit the Animals and Garden categories – to see more!

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Watercolor Feathers

Serendipity Stamps Design Team Member Vickie Zimmer created this beautiful card for our current Watercolor challenge.   We have a beautiful rooster named Lancelot who has feathers very similar to these!

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Try your hand at watercoloring a Serendipity Stamps image and enter your creation in our challenge!  You could win $20 off your next order.

Below is the inside of Vickie’s card.  She used Serendipity Stamps Feather Background, Nature Gives, and In The Attitude rubber stamps.

NEWS FLASH!  Serendipity is about to release a new die!   We’ll host a blog hop on Oct 18th to show it off!   Don’t miss it!


Card for the nature lover

Serendipity Stamps Design Team Member Pauline Pollington created this beautiful card for our current Watercolor challenge.   She used our Quail and Live Each Season stamps.

Right now you can save 40% off the highest priced item in your cart at by entering coupon code “40fromhigh913” during checkout.

Try your hand at watercoloring a Serendipity Stamps image and enter your creation in our challenge!  You could win $20 off your next order.


Use Our 40% Off Coupon!

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The card above was designed by Serendipity Stamps Design Team member Miriam Napier for our new “Add Fabric” Challenge.   Hop on over to the Serendipity Stamps Challenge Blog to see the other entries.   And then design and enter your own project – it just has to include fabric AND a design from Serendipity Stamps.

We still have lots of stamps in our 50% Off Wood Mounted Stamp sale!   In fact the Sea Horse stamp Miriam used on her card is still available at 50% Off.


Card by the Sea

Serendipity Stamps will be on Spring Break April 20 – April 28th.  You are welcome to place orders online, but they will not ship until we return.

The current challenge at the Serendipity Stamps Challenge Blog is to create a design using a stamped background.   Won’t you join us?   You just need to be sure to include one Serendipity Stamps image in your design.

Serendipity Stamps Design Team member Anya Schrier used our Shells Cling Set for her challenge design.  I love how subtle the shell background is.  Be sure to pop over to the SSCB to see our design team’s other stamped background examples!

You still have time to use your 40% off coupon.   Just enter “40fromhigh413” during checkoout to get 40% off the highest priced item in your cart.


Stamping and the Great White North

DT alumni Lynda Benden made this coaster using our Geese stamp.  It’s time to start thinking about those hand-made gifts you promised yourself you’d make this year – this is a great idea!

And the great white north?   Well, lately I’ve been listening to my Itunes music as I work, trying to weed out those songs that make me wonder “What Was I Thinking” when I copied it?   I’m something of a hoarder when it comes to songs on Itunes.  I hear a song I like, on the radio, in a movie, or I’ll admit it – on The X Factor,  and I get the CD from the library and to save time I just copy the whole CD.   So, I’m weeding.   But this also gives me a chance to hear songs that just bring a big grin to my face or have me dancing around the shop.   Today it was “Take Off” – remember?   Doug and Bob McKenzie?  Beauty eh?  Here’s a link in case you need a reminder…if you’re a child of the 80’s I dare you not to grin and sing along!


20% Off These Stamps and Many More!

All of the stamps in our Animals category are 20% off until Monday, July 16th.  Lynda Benden made this card using 116 Buck.


Kathie Bailey created this beautiful card using 682 Chickadees.

Customer Gail Meinen created this gorgeous card using 123 Clyde.

The animal category also includes our Butterfly and Dragonfly dies as well as lots of word stamps!


Indigo Bunting – yeah that’s what it is!

In my last post I mentioned seeing lots of Goldfinches at my bird feeder.   Well just last week I saw a Goldfinch AND and an Indigo Bunting on the feeder at the same time.  It looked like a tropical rainforest with all those bright colors!   There’s a little wooded area with a creek near the end of our road and that’s where the Indigo Buntings hang out.   I don’t know if they like the shade, the water, or the water bugs, but it’s always a treat to see them flit by.  Here’s a picture of an Indigo Bunting in case you’ve never seen one – I hadn’t before a few years ago.

I love it when stampers get creative with our stamps.   Color a Coneflower yellow and it becomes a Sunflower.   Put a snowman in front of a summer porch, add some white gel pen to the bushes and you have a winter scene.   Kathie Bailey simply colored our new little Goldfinch blue instead of yellow and viola!   He’s an Indigo Bunting!   Kathie used our new Goldfinch 1219G and Quick Note Vertical 251D to create the outside of her note pad.

Goldfinch Memo Pad - 1219G - Kathie Bailey

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Goldfinch Glory

One day, about a month ago, I saw 6 little Goldfinches at the bird feeder at one time!   Oh they were sad little sights.  Not worthy of the name “gold” at all.   But over the next couple of weeks it was like someone had dipped them in a bucket of bright yellow paint (well – the boys at least, the poor little mama’s were still as drab as could be).  Now they all look like the beautiful little bird you see on Lynda Benden’s Memo Pad below.  She used the Goldfinch – 1219G, A Little Note – 553E, and Bitti Notes – 050C images, which are all sold together in the Goldfinch Cling Set – 1219QCL.

Goldfinch Memo Pad- 1219QCL-Lynda Benden

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Spring Turkey Season

One of the best things about Spring Turkey Hunting is the morel mushrooms!   Occasionally, well more like, very infrequently, my husband will come home with a turkey, but he always comes home with a sack of morel’s and I like them better anyway.  One day last week we saw this young lady walking around in our back yard (don’t worry – hens are safe during spring turkey season).    She would take a few steps, then make a high pitched “chirp” then walk a bit more.   Probably looking for love and hopefully she found it  and in a couple of months we’ll see her and her chicks walking by.


This isn’t exactly a “spring” turkey card, but it is one of my favorite cards of all time.  It’s super easy and beautiful!   Sue Eldred used 800K Turkey Large to create this card.    You can also get a small version of the same image – 801E Turkey Small.

Turkey Large - 800K - Sue Eldred

I don’t have an image of a Morel mushroom – and I need to remedy that.  But I do have a  Toadstool – 1012G that makes beautiful cards – just don’t eat anything like these that you find out in the woods.

Toadstool - 1012G - Holly Craft  Toadstool - 1012G - Carolyn Hurst  Toadstool - 1012G - Lillian Larsen

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