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Serendipity’s New Beginning!

I am so happy to announce that the new owner of Serendipity Stamps is Mitra Friant – the owner of Impression Obsession! Mitra has been a good friend and mentor to me for almost 20 years. When I first had the idea to make rubber stamps, I emailed Mitra, the owner of my favorite line of stamps, and asked if she’d tell me how to go about starting a rubber stamp company and she said “Sure!” Is that the nicest thing or what?

It’s a HUGE endeavor transitioning a 20 year old business from one location and owner to another so it will take time for Mitra to get ready to take orders! In the meantime head on over to the Impression Obsession website, visit the blog and register so you’ll know the instant you can start buying Serendipity Stamps products again!

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