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My Favorite Halloween Costume

Tomorrow is Halloween, and frankly, I’m pumpkined and ghosted out.   But these two cards brought back a wonderful Halloween memory.   When I was about 10 yrs old I dressed up as a scarecrow for Halloween.   This was long before stores that sold costumes.   Old overalls, a flannel shirt stuffed with straw, and a broomstick across my shoulders to hold the sleeves out, with work gloves pinned to the end.  I stuck my hands out the sides of the overalls to retrive my candy and dump it into my pillow case.    I had two older  brothers to protect me and a younger one to try to keep up with.   I can still remember which neighbors had the good candy and the ones who just set out a bowl of wrigley’s gum and wouldn’t answer their door.

DT Alumni Holly Craft created the card above using our Scarecrow and Welcome Home.   DT Member Cathy Weber created the card below using the Scarecrow and It’s That Time.

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Stamp of the Week

I hope everyone saw the watercoloring tutorial Holly Craft posted on her blog earlier this week!   One of the cards she featured was this one made using our Holiday Bundle.   This is our Stamp of the Week – 50% off!   Click the links below to see more examples.



Color: Yes or No

Sometimes folks mention to me that they are afraid of a particular stamp because they “aren’t very good at coloring”.   Don’t let coloring scare you!   Here are 3 gorgeous examples of cards made using the Christmas Chapel stamp.   One has lots of color, one just one color, and the last, no color at all.   Easy peasy!  Click the small images to see larger versions.

Don’t forget, today, October 24th, is the last day to use your coupon to get 40% off the highest priced item in your cart.   Enter “40fromhigh” during checkout and you could save $5.80 off the wood mounted version of the Christmas Chapel used in these cards!

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Stamped Thanksgiving Place Settings

Today’s Serendipity Stamps Design Team Challenge was to create a Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation and matching place setting decorations.   Each DT member came up with completely unique and beautiful ideas!   Make sure you visit each member’s blog – their links are to the right under Blogs We Like.   Then pop over to www.serendipitystamps and use coupon code 40FROMHIGH to get 40% off the highest priced item in your cart!  Jeanne Jachna created this set of place cards using our Wheat Swag and Elegant Alphabet.

NOTE:   If you are unable to use the 40FROMHIGH coupon, try 40FROMHIGH1012.   One coupon per customer!



40% Off Coupon

Want to save 40% off the highest priced item in your Serendipity Stamps shopping cart?   Just enter “40FROMHIGH” during checkout and you got it!   Coupon code good through Wednesday October 24th.  Miriam Napier recently posted this card on her blog.   She created it using Serendipity Stamps Pumpkin Border rubber stamp.


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Winter Birds – part 1

The weather is turning and the hummingbirds and goldfinches have been replaced by the Snowbird and the Titmouse.   They aren’t very colorful but they make up for that in chattiness!   Below are several cards made over the years using these two stamps.   Send us your snowbird and titmouse cards!





Quilted Pumpkins

This Quilted Pumpkin stamp is one of our most popular fall stamps.   Just take a look at all you can do with it.   A pink pumpkin?   Of course!  Serendipity customer Marybeth Lopez made this pretty pink pumpkin (how’s that for alliteration!).  After you click through the pumpkin gallery below, take a minute to visit Marybeth’s blog – it’s full of beautiful cards!





Autumn Wreaths

I was searching for examples of the pretty little Autumn Wreath  that’s 50% off at this week and found this coaster from DT Alumni Kathie Bailey.  I also figured out that Serendipity Stamps has lots and lots of wreaths!  Not just this small autumn wreath and it’s full sized counterpart, but we have 4 pages of other wreaths.   Snowmen with wreaths, barns with wreaths, heart shaped wreaths, shells, Easter Eggs, even a horse with a wreath!  For today, we’ll just take a look at what you can do with the Autumn Wreath Small and Autumn Wreath Large.   Watch for more wreaths in the future!  Click the small images below to see larger versions.




A great stocking stuffer

I just added this wonderful little mini cling set for just $1.00!   Each of the stamps is about an inch square.   Perfect for those little tags.  These won’t last long.   And neither will our free shipping special – which goes through Wed 10/10.    Click the little cards below to see full size images of these little sentiments in action!


Rubber Stampin’ Puppy!

Serendipity Stamps has a new Design Team member!  Meet Suzy – my new puppy.   She’s a “mostly lab” from a litter of 12 that my neighbor’s dog had.    I promise not to send you any slobbery rubber stamps….Jeanne Jachna and Holly Craft each created adorable cards to welcome Suzy.    They used the Leaf Pets , Lets Be Friends, and the Festive Fall stamps.  The Festive Fall stamp is on the $1 sale and Lets Be Friends is on the clearance sale!   Be sure to check out their blogs for tips and details.   Holly’s includes a watercolor tutorial!

And a reminder – Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $10 and over through Oct. 10th.

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