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Spring and Summer Cards

Note:  Serendipity Stamps will be closed for summer break from May 31st to June 12th.   Feel free to place your orders online and I will fill them when I return!

I want to thank Kristine Breach for the fabulous job she did as Serendipity Stamps Spring/Summer Release Guest Designer!   Here is a gallery of her work.   Check out her blog for details on these cards.  There are 18 cards in the gallery – it might take a minute or two to load!  Just click the thumbnails to see larger images.

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Blog Hop Winner!

NOTE: Serendipity Stamps will be closed May 31st to June 12th for summer vacation.   Of course you’re welcome to place your orders online during that time and I’ll fill and ship them when I return!

The winner of our recent blog hop, featuring our new Floral Butterfly and Floral Dragonfly dies is Glenda Atkins!   She left a comment on Miriam Napiers blog.   Glenda – you have your choice of either a Floral Butterfly Stamp and Die Set or a Floral Dragonfly Stamp and Die set.   Email me at  please!   Here’s a gallery of the DT’s creations in case you missed the hop!

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Check Out Our Blog Hop and Win!

The Serendipity Stamps Design Team is hosting a blog hop featuring our new dies!   And that means you could win your choice of either the Floral Butterfly Stamp and Die Set or the Floral Dragonfly Stamp and Die Set.   Just visit each blog listed below AND leave a comment on each blog before Friday May 25th.   We’ll pick one random comment from one of the blogs to win the set.






Kristine (Summer Guest Designer)

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Diversity of Diecutting Tutorial

On Wed. May 23rd Serendipity Stamps’ Design Team will be posting a Blog Hop featuring our new dies!   Be sure to visit each DT members blog and leave a comment on each one for your chance to win your choice of either the Floral Butterfly Stamp and Die Set or the Floral Dragonfly Stamp and Die Set.  Watch for our post on Wed!

Serendipity Stamps’ Design Team Alumni Holly Craft posted this amazing tutorial on her blog to show the variety of projects you can create with Serendipity Stamps new dies.   These are Holly’s words….

Diversity of Diecutting

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I love Diecuts! I also love Serendipity Stamps and as I have shared earlier, Serendipity has begun adding a few diecuts to their collection. These die come as a solid shape, the detailed shape like the stamp and the stamp itself. I have previously shown you the heart and egg. Today, we will look at the butterfly and dragonfly and talk about some of the diverse things you can do with diecutting!

If you have stamped for a few years like I have, you probably have some products you might not use very often anymore. An example of one of those might be shrink plastic. I love shrink plastic! It is so great for making embellishments or jewelry. Above is a couple of shrink plastic butterflies I made with the new Serendipity stamp and die. The solid die gives you the overall shape and the stamp gives you the detail. Below is an example of using a piece to create jewelry. This is a necklace I previously made with a die from Spellbinders.

Below, you get an idea of the difference in the size of the die and the shrink plastic after it has been shrunk. The larger diecut is cut from a velvet paper that has been embossed with the intricate die and cut with the solid die, and then gold rubbed on the surface.

Below, you can see a similar diecut, only the die was placed on the opposite side of the velvet paper, so you get a completely different look! The gold embossed lines are what would cut if you were cutting a diecut rather than embossing only.

Below are examples of embossing only on card stock. Notice that the dragonfly was embossed within a frame formed by a Spellbinders die, all done in one pass through the diecutting machine.

Another material to use for diecutting is adhesive paper. Label paper was cut with the solid die, the intricate diecut applied to the sticky side and then glitter added on the remaining sticky area. To carry the glitter look further, double stick tape was applied to the card and glitter added to it also.

I love using sticky back paper or tape as that does away with the problem of adhering an intricate piece. If I am having to glue an intricate piece, I like to use the blue Two Way Glue by EK Success. If there are areas that are sticky that you don’t want sticky, use talcum powder to get rid of the sticky.

One of my very favorite materials to diecut are metals. Below is a piece of copper that was embossed only. You get such detail from metal.

Below is a painted metal like crafters use and it has been diecut with a Spellbinders die around the edges and then embossed only with the Serendipity butterfly. Light sanding with a sanding block gives a distressed look and accentuates the details.

I have been known to cut up soda cans for diecutting and love to you HVAC tape for diecuts. HVAC tape is the silver tape you will find around your duct work. It can be purchased at any DIY store or discount store and it colors beautifully with alcohol inks. I love that it is metallic, is sticky back (has a liner on it) and that it is fairly CHEAP!

Below is an example of embossing only on the card stock and framing it with the solid diecut. The solid die has the wonderful little registration marks in the die (two circles) to help match up the stamped image. The positioning is great to use for eyelets like I have done below.

For added interest, use printed paper in your diecuts, like seen in the rich example below.

In addition to sanding the painted metal, I have sanded the core paper below.

Perhaps you are in a rush and want the intricate look without taking the time for a second diecut….just use the stamp like below. The Spellbinders background finishes the look.

Create the filigree look on the metal diecut by embossing only on the metal, sanding the design and then flattening the piece in the diecutting machine. The sanding will have established the over all design in the metal. You could then add a different texture or just leave it flat like I did below.

You can also use die to color a diecut. Apply ink directly to the die, place it on the cardstock and then run it through the diecutting machine.

Another material I like to use is double stick tape or red liner tape. It is available not only in tape form, but also in sheets or large rolls. I have diecut the solid shape and then used it on which to adhere micro beads for a really cool look! If the diecut does not cut all the way through due to the toughness of the tape, you can shim it, or run it through again or just use sharp pointed scissors to complete the cut.

Another thing I like to do is to cut fun foam and make a shadow stamp to complement the detail stamp Serendipity has. Just use the solid die. I am sure some of you remember shadow stamping! Makes great backgrounds. Also, use the outside of a diecut to create a stencil that can be used to get the same look.

I am sure I will think of even more ways to use diecuts once I post this, but I think I have given you plenty of material to think upon and try for right now. Aren’t these diecuts and stamps just lovely?

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Copic Coloring Tutorial

Only a couple of days left to use Serendipity Stamps 40% off coupon code, “40FromHigh” to get 40% off the highest priced item in your cart.

The following tutorial was posted by Serendipity Stamps’ Design Team Member Jenny Gropp

I wanted to share a card today that I made for Operation Write Home. OWH is a fantastic organization! They collect hand crafted cards that we make and send in to them…. they package the cards up and send them overseas to our troops. Our Soldiers then have special hand made cards to use when writing home to their loved ones.
1,615,628 handcrafted cards have been deployed since 2007!
When creating cards for OWH, they have a few guidelines to take in to consideration. Please visit the OWH Website and find out more!
OWH also features challenges and fantastic tutorials regularly on their Blog as well.
So please be sure and check out the OWH Blog – Stars and Stripes.
The stamps I used today are from Serendipity Stamps.
I chose this great new image from Serendipity Stamps called Mailbox with Wildflowers. I thought a Miss You sentiment with the mailbox would make a good card for someone to send home. I used pattern paper from an older Basic Grey 6×6 Collection – Marrakech.
I stamped the mailbox image on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White using Memento Tuxedo Black ink. I used a Spellbinder’s Rectangle Nestie to cut out the image. After cutting it out, I left the image in the die and used the inside edge of the die as a guide line to add piercing around the edge. I do use a piece of scotch tape to secure it and keep it from slipping in the die.
Above, you can see I added the piercing all the way around the inside edge, then I removed it from the Spellbinder’s die.
First I used YR00 in upwards strokes from the grass line. Working in vertical strokes again I softened the color going upwards using YR0000. To start on the ground I used a combination of YG61, 63 and 67. These are some of my favorite greens for grass/leaves.
I used Y28 on the wheat looking flowers on the left, just barely touching the paper to add a little color to them. I also used Y28 to add a little touch here and there in the grass. C5 and C2 for the rocks and the mailbox.
Next came the posts and the flowers. The flowers were so small, not much of an area to blend multiple colors, so I just used small dots of the YR’s and then smoothed them together using Y19. E23 and E27 for the mailbox posts.
Final steps in coloring… I used Y28 again and added little touches to the mailboxes, to give them a more weathered outdoorsy look. I smoothed the colors on the mailbox with C2 and C00. I used Y0000 to dab at the grass and the wood posts…. removing color is small spots, giving it a bit of texture.
The cards for OWH need to all be uniform in size… standard A2, 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. The white folded card opens at the bottom tent style. The orange strip at the bottom is 1 1/4″ x 4 1/4″. The blue quilt pattern paper is 4″ x 4 1/4″. I used a Memory Box die, Meridian Border, to cover the seam where the two papers meet. The pattern papers dont quite reach to the top/bottom of the card base, leaving a small white border exposed.
I used Perfect Layer Rulers to add small 1/16″ layered mats to the image and then framed it with the scalloped rectangle nestie. I popped the image with foam tape and added a few small pearl embellishments. I skipped my usual bow on every card today, due to OWH’s suggestion that the cards should not be to bulky for mailing purposes.


Scroll Heart Swing Card Tutorial

Remember to visit and use our coupon code “40FromHigh” during checkout to get 40% off the highest priced item in your cart – expires Monday May 21st!

The Serendipity Stamps Design Team has posted some great tutorials this week!   I’ll repost them here for our subscribers.   This first one is from our Guest Designer Kristine Breach.    Her tutorial describes how she created her Floating Heart Swing Card made using Serendipity’s Heart Scroll Die.

SUPPLIES NEEDED for a 5.5″ Square when folded (you may switch out the Dies but you might need to adjust the sizes of margins for your scores)

1 piece of Saffron Cardstock cut at 5.5″ x 7.5″
1 piece of Designer Paper (Lilybee Designs, Handmade) cut at 5.25″ x 3 5/8″
Nesties – I used the 2 largest dies in the  “Labels One” set
Serendipity Scroll Heart Die  (cut 2)
Fishing line
Scotch Tape
Quicky Glue Pen
Double-sided Tape
12″ Cutter with Scoring blade


Step 1)  Start with your base cardstock cut at 5.5″ x 7.5″

Step 2)  With your c.s. lined up width-wise along cutter’s top ledge, measure in 2 5/8″  and SCORE from 0″ – 3/4″ from the top and from 5.5″ up to 4 3/4″ from the bottom.  (see pic)

Step 3)  Slide your cardstock to the left a bit until it measures 3 5/8″ and again SCORE from 0″ – 3/4″ from top and from 5.5″ to 4 3/4″ from the bottom.  (see pic)

Step 4)  Using double-sided tape (along the 3 outside edges only), adhere your piece of Designer Paper  to the right side (largest area) of your card base, leaving about 1/8″ base cardstock showing all around it.

Step 5)  Taking your largest Nestie (Label 1) align the top and bottom “points” (middle of your Nestie) with the 2 5/8″ score markings and lightly tape it in a couple places using scotch tape  (see pic)

Step 6)  Turn this piece upside down and make the diecut sandwich (Cuttlebug used here) as follows from the bottom up:  A plate / C plate / nestie taped to c.s. with flat side against C plate / B plate… BUT WAIT!  We’re only going to cut HALF the nestie, so put most of the B plate through the machine and line up the edge of it with the first score markings it comes to.  My red lines = scored markings  (see pic)

Step 7)  Now take the B plate off and just turn the whole sandwich 180 degrees and put it back through, placing the B plate most of the way the machine and lining the edge up with the first set of score marks it comes to and run it through the machine.  *Note:  there should be a 1″ margin in between the score marks that will NOT get cut.  (see next pic)

Step 8)  Leaving your Nestie taped to the front side, place your next largest Nestie in the middle of the larger one (I just eyed it) and tape it in a couple places.  DO NOT run it through yet!  OH, and you will want to remove the DP too that wasn’t taped down (inner edge)  I forgot to remove it for my picture.  Once the smaller nestie is taped down, then remove the largest Nestie from your cardstock!!  (see pic below)  Now you can run the whole Nestie through your machine just like you normally would do.   (NOTE:  I messed up on this pic ~ the nestie shown is the 3rd largest, but I need to use the 2nd largest so there’s room for my heart to dangle freely)

Step 9)  Next, you want to measure & cut a piece of fishing line (or other transparent string) from the top to bottom of your largest Nestie shape.  I used whatever my hubby had around…

Step 10) Next we need to make a frame to sandwich the fishing line between and it will also help make our swinging part more sturdy. So… take a piece of cardstock a little larger than your largest Nestie.  Tape it in a couple places.  Then center the next largest Nestie in the middle, also taping it down.  Run it through your cutting machine!
Step 11)  Now we will lay the fishing line in the middle of our (card base) Nestie frame and using very strong double-sided tape and making it snug, tape it down.  Now add double-sided tape to the back of your green Nestie frame and line it up with the frame on card base.  Mine wasn’t exact, so you might need to turn it before adhering it down to see what will line up the best.  Adhere.
Step 12) Cut 2 hearts out in red (or other color/die)
Step 13) This is where the Quicky Glue Pen works PERFECTLy for this project!!  It’s thin and glides across the intricate scroll work nicely.  But you have to work FAST before the blue turns to clear 🙂  You might have to go back over the dried parts.  Glue the backside of one heart and place glue side up UNDER the fishing line and then place the 2nd heart on top of the fishing line (face up).  Make sure to line up the hearts perfectly before smashing them together!

Step 14)  Decorate the rest of your card as desired!

  Thanks for stopping by and viewing my tutorial *Ü*

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40% Off Coupon From Serendipity Stamps

Use our coupon code “40FromHigh” during checkout to save 40% off the highest priced item in your card at   Coupon expires Monday, May 21st.

This is my favorite image from our new Spring and Summer line of stamps.   I don’t know about you, but I remember this being the best way to cool off on a hot summer day when I was a kid.   And I remember my own daughters doing the same thing.   The Serendipity Stamps Design Team must feel the same way because they’ve used this stamp over and over.   Jenny Gropp made this card using the Sprinkler and one of the stamps from the Season’s set.  Below is a gallery of other examples.

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40% Off Coupon From Serendipity Stamps

It’s coupon time at   Just enter the code “40FROMHIGH” on the checkout page after you select your shipping.   You will get 40% off the highest priced item in your cart.  This code expires Monday May 21st.   One coupon per customer.

This is a great opportunity to stock up on our new spring/summer stamps and dies!   Kristine Breach, our new release guest designer created this stunning card using our Water Lilies cling set and our Floral Dragonfly Die Set.

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50% Off Stamp Of The Week

This week’s 50% off Stamp of the Week is our Pitcher and Basin.   Jeanne Jachna created this beautiful card using the Pitcher and Basic and the Thank You Small.

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Another Great “Guy” Card

Or maybe it’s Mom who likes to fish – either way – the person who receives this card will love it.   Holly Craft used our new Rowboat and Dock stamp and Thinking of You Large.   Below is another take by Holly, this time using our new In The Attitude stamp.

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