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Visiting Graveyards

When I was a girl I my mother and I used to visit an old cemetery in St. Louis.   We weren’t visiting the graves – we didn’t know anyone there.   We were hunting pinecones and acorns.   My mom made the most beautiful wired pinecone wreaths with the natural treasures we’d find in the cemetery.  As a result of these foraging trips, I’m not in the least superstitious about “graveyards” – indeed they can be beautiful, peaceful places to spend some time.   But put a Graveyard in the hands of the Serendipity Stamps Design Team and there’s nothing peaceful about it!   It’s a whole new world of creativity! 

After you take a look at the cards below, head over to our Gallery to see our new Halloween section.   Eventually I’ll have a whole new set of Galleries organzied by subject, just like this new Halloween section.   Dozens of Halloween cards in one place!

The first card below was designed by Jenny Gropp – Serendipity’s Guest Designer.  The one below that is from Sue Eldred.   Both ladies used 1229H – Graveyard and 1228D Have a Wicked Good Day.

Graveyard - 1229H - Jenny Gropp

Graveyard - 1229H - Sue Eldred

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Not-So-Scary Spider

We’ve been so busy at Serendipity Stamps that today I had to go digging in dark corners to find boxes to ship orders.   Ugh – that means spiders!   I’m not a jump up and scream type when it comes to spiders – in fact I tend to carry the box over to the door and dump the little guys outside – but that doesn’t mean I LIKE them.   However, I dare you not to like our new little Spider image – 1226E – especially after you see what some members of the SS design team created with him!

We’ll start with the awesome decorated pumpkin by Amy Cokley.
Spider-1226E - Amy Cokley

Next a card from Sue Eldred.  In addition to the Spider, Sue used 851D – Who Loves Ya – which is on our Dollar Sale right now!
Spider-1226E-Sue Eldred

And last, but of course not least, is Lynda Benden’s card.  Lynda too used a stamp from our Dollar Sale – Boo Lg – 660C.
Spider -1226E -  Lynda Benden

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Herbs and Jars

I do lots of canning in the summer.   It always seems to be the hottest day of the year when I have to can 40 pounds of tomatoes.   So of course the house ends up feeling like a steam bath and I’m thinking “A can of tomatoes is 75 cents and I’m spending $75 on air-conditioning just so I can have home-canned tomatoes!”   It just seems insane!   But now, when the work is all done and I look at my shelf in the basement with the stacks of sparkling red, yellow, and green hued jars I get an enormous feeling of accomplishment.   And come January when we’re feasting on crunchy dill pickles and tomatoe-basil soup it’s even better!   This beautiful, water colored card from Holly Craft evokes that same feeling.   For the past month Holly has been posting gorgeous photos and tips for her water color techniques on her blog.   Be sure to hop over there and see!   Holly’s card below was made using Serendipity Stamps cling set, 348QCL – Herbs and Jars.

Herbs and Jars - 348 - Holly Craft

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A Little Candle Light

The power went out the other night during a thunderstorm and we fumbled through drawers looking for candles.   There’s something so thrilling about having the power out  – but only for a couple hours, in the evening, when I’m not trying to get something done.   All that candle light makes my living room look like some place in a Home Decorating magazine – a soft glow, not a speck of dust to be seen…

Here’s a beautiful card that Kathie Bailey, of the SS Design Team, sent to me.  She made the card using our new Candlestick image – 1237E.
Candlestick-1237E - Kathie Baileywm

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