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Non-Traditional Christmas Card

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FYI – Serendipity Stamps is closed for summer break from July 29th – August 8th.   Go ahead and place your orders online or leave messages on the phone.   We’ll get caught up as soon as we can when we re-open.

I haven’t been very good about announcing our Design Team’s Challenges or organizing Customer Challenges and I so apologize for that.   This week’s challenge has been one of my favorites so I wanted to make a point of encouraging everyone to take a look!   They were asked to make a Christmas Card featuring a stamp that is not a typical Christmas stamp.   Boy did they get the creative juices flowing!  I promise – before long I’ll announce a similar challenge for our customers – so start planning!

And I want to take this opportunity to introduce Serendipity’s Guest Designer!   Jenny Gropp will be working with our design team for the rest of the year.   I’d been noticing the beautiful cards that Jenny has created using Serendipity Stamps and asked if she’d be interested in being our GT and she said YES!

This first card was made by Jenny Gropp using 233E Candy Jar and668C Merry Christmas Small.
Candy Jar -233E - Jenny Gropp

Next we have Amy Cokley’s card made with 1201G Chipmunk and 668C Merry Christmas Small.
Chipmunk - 1201G - Amy Cokley

Next is Kathie Bailey’s card made using 213H Typewriter.
Typewriter Santa Letter- 213H -wm Kathie Bailey

Below is Anya Schrier’s card made using 282K Cheryl’s Postcards and just the top part of 1140E Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Postcards - 282K - Anya Schrier

And last but not least is Lynda Benden’s card, made using 992G Mare and Foal , 1194H Winter Fenceline and 668C Merry Christmas Small.
Mare and Foal - Lynda Benden

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Peas please!

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The sugar snap peas in my garden finished up about a month ago.   They are one of my favorite vegetables to grow.   So easy to plant (nice big seeds you just plop into the dirt) and you can start picking them and eating them in aearly June!   Once it gets hot, they’re done, and then you don’t have to pay attention to them anymore!  I’ve gotten a couple of wonderful cards from the design team made with our two new “pea” images and thought I’d share them with you along with a picture of my garden peas. 


The cards below were all made using 1210QCL Peas Cling Set, or the individual stamps 1210F Pea Package, and 1211D We’re Like Two Peas.  The card below was made by Anya Schrier – first the outside of the card, then the inside.Pea Package - Anya Schrier  Pea Package Inside - We're Like Two Peas - Anya Schrier

The card below was made by Kathie Bailey.

twopeaswm - Kathie Bailey

And last but not least is a card from Sue Eldred.
Peas - Sue Eldred

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Riding the Rails

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My youngest daughter and I took the train recently from Kansas City to St. Louis.   Over the years I’ve heard horror stories about long delays along the normally 5 hour route, but recently I’d heard that most of those problems had been resolved so I decided we’d take the chance.   The train ride was great!   Very comfortable seating, similar to an airplane but with lots more seating space.   We left from Independence, MO, just east of Kansas City (home of Harry Truman and the Truman Presidential Library).  
Independence Train Station72  Amtrak Train72

It’s a small train station, staffed for just a few hours a day by volunteers.  There was a small, well kept parking lot, and benches on which to wait.     The train stops at least a half dozen times as it crosses the state, but only for a few minutes each time.    Much of the route is right along the Missouri River, through small towns, and farmland.  Very pretty scenery – much better than what we see from the highway (no billboards!!!!).   The trip takes just about the same amount of time as driving, and with two of us, we spent a bit less than we would have one gas.   Our trip back was not quite as idyllic – the air conditioning in our car was working only sporadically.   But the passengers took it in stride – most where St. Louis Cardinal fans traveling to Kansas City to watch the series with the Royals (I’m proud to report that our KC Royals won the series!), and were in festive moods.   This lack of grumbling really made the difference between what could have been a very long, tedious trip and what ended up being a “warm” , but fun adventure.   All of this is a not-so-subtle lead in to a couple of great samples made by our design team using our new Train Engine Large – 1217J image.  The name of each designer will display when select each photo.


Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everyone!   Half of my family is away at a Work Camp for our church youth group, so it’s kind of an odd July 4th for me.   But some good friends have invited myself and my oldest daughter over to grill burgers and feast on the cucumbers I picked from my garden today and a blueberry pie from the berries we picked earlier this week.  It doesn’t get much better than that does it?  I hope your day is full of fun and friends and remembrance of the many blessings, privileges, and responsibilities we owe to the men who had the courage to sign that Declaration of Independence all those many years ago, and to the women who stood alongside them.   

Below are two projects created years ago by Cheryl Helm.   Cheryl was a pioneer in tea-dying and created beautiful “aged”  projects long before anyone heard of walnut ink or distressing.   Cheryl used the following images:  047H – Eagle, 206K – Flag, 214H – We the People, and 243E – God Bless America

Patriotic - Cheryl Helm   patriotic tag - Cheryl Helm

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