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Goldfinch Glory

One day, about a month ago, I saw 6 little Goldfinches at the bird feeder at one time!   Oh they were sad little sights.  Not worthy of the name “gold” at all.   But over the next couple of weeks it was like someone had dipped them in a bucket of bright yellow paint (well – the boys at least, the poor little mama’s were still as drab as could be).  Now they all look like the beautiful little bird you see on Lynda Benden’s Memo Pad below.  She used the Goldfinch – 1219G, A Little Note – 553E, and Bitti Notes – 050C images, which are all sold together in the Goldfinch Cling Set – 1219QCL.

Goldfinch Memo Pad- 1219QCL-Lynda Benden

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Sweet Peas

The new Summer Release is on the website!   And, just like I’ve been describing for spring stamps, these summer stamps were inspired by what I see around me everyday.   I’ve heard from a lot of folks who don’t get to see redbud trees in bloom or wild turkeys in the back yard – but they did at one time – and our stamps bring back those memories for them.

Our little piece of land sits on a 2-lane highway in western Missouri.  When we bought the place, I noticed some pretty pink and white flowers growing along the pasture fence up by the road.   I asked a neighbor and she told me that they were Sweet Peas.   Below is a notepad that Anya Schrier created for our DT Notepad Challenge.   Anya does a beautiful job of collage with several different word images plus the Sweet Pea 1215H and Earth Laughs 417D images that are both included in the 1215QCL Sweet Pea Cling Set. 

Sweet Pea Note Pad - 1215QCL - Anya Schrier

Here’s a close up of Anya’s project.  Watch for more posts this week showcasing our new Summer Stamps!

Sweet Pea Close Up 1215QCL- Anya Schrier

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Iris Inspiration


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A few of the Iris have started blooming!    A few years ago, a woman in my town who raises a huge variety of Iris thinned her beds and gave me a garbage sack full of bulbs.  Well, I’ve been remis over the years and many of the colors have died away leaving me with mostly purple and white.   But even they are breath-taking and provided the inspiration for our Iris stamps – 546K and 547E.   Below the Iris is a beautiful card created by Pat Connelly.  On Pat’s card, you’ll also see the Spring Flower Background 578H and We Turn Not 573D.

Iris    iriswhite

Iris - 546K - Pat Connelly

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Spring Turkey Season

One of the best things about Spring Turkey Hunting is the morel mushrooms!   Occasionally, well more like, very infrequently, my husband will come home with a turkey, but he always comes home with a sack of morel’s and I like them better anyway.  One day last week we saw this young lady walking around in our back yard (don’t worry – hens are safe during spring turkey season).    She would take a few steps, then make a high pitched “chirp” then walk a bit more.   Probably looking for love and hopefully she found it  and in a couple of months we’ll see her and her chicks walking by.


This isn’t exactly a “spring” turkey card, but it is one of my favorite cards of all time.  It’s super easy and beautiful!   Sue Eldred used 800K Turkey Large to create this card.    You can also get a small version of the same image – 801E Turkey Small.

Turkey Large - 800K - Sue Eldred

I don’t have an image of a Morel mushroom – and I need to remedy that.  But I do have a  Toadstool – 1012G that makes beautiful cards – just don’t eat anything like these that you find out in the woods.

Toadstool - 1012G - Holly Craft  Toadstool - 1012G - Carolyn Hurst  Toadstool - 1012G - Lillian Larsen

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Hard Winter = Lilacs

They say that one of the benefits of a hard winter is less bugs in the spring – from what I can see that won’t be the case here in western MO (those dang ticks are out in droves already!)  However, a real honest to goodness benefit to a hard winter IS lilacs.   I have two lilac bushes – a deep purple one that I bought from a local nursery when we first built our house and a white lilac that grew from a shoot that I pulled up at an old abandoned farm house.   Both were just gorgous this year!   I filled vases so full of lilacs that Martha Stewart would have been jealous and we all swooned from the scent.   Here are some photos of the lilacs and the stamp image – 200L – they inspired and a beautiful card made by DT member Kathie Bailey.

Lilacs and stamp

Lilacs -200L  Kathie Bailey

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