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Love Stinks!

We had so much fun coming up with phrases to go with the little Skunk in our spring line of stamps.   But when it came down to choosing, I had to go with “Scent with Love” as being a bit more usable for making cards than “Love Stinks” (though don’t count it out for later releases!).   Both the Skunk and Scent With Love come in cling set 1203QCL.  Lynda Benden created the card below and after adding a bit of extra black with a prismacolor pencil she covered the whole skunk with white flocking (it’s hard to see this in the photo).  She also added little rhinestones to the flowers and around the scalloped edge of the card.  

1204DScent with love


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Scent With Love

When the SS Design Team’s Jennifer Woodward posted her adorable little Skunk card, she mentioned Pepe LePew.   How many of you remember Pepe?   I know, I know, we’re dating ourselves.   Well, if he’s a little fuzzy in your mind, try googling him.   There’s even a website of Pepe LePew’s quotes!   Oh it with make you laugh – my favorite was “You are ze corned beef to me, and I am ze cabbage to you” but there are so many more!  Thank you Jennifer for reminding us all of the most romantic little guy in cartoon land!   Jennifer’s card below uses both of the stamps from the 1203QCL Skunk cling set.   I love the combination of the soft colors and the pearl accents… 

Skunk - 1203QCL - Jennifer Woodward


Feeling Chipper?

Our new line of spring stamps includes this adorable Chipmunk and the perfect phrase to go along with him – “Hope You’re Feeling Chipper Soon!”   These two stamps come packaged together in the cling set 1201QCL.   The card below, created by Kathie Bailey, is perfect to send to anyone feeling under the weather – whether they’ve got the flu or literally “under the weather” with 2 feet of snow!

Hope You're Feeling - 1202D - Kathie Bailey

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The Best Antidote for Snow…

…is spring cards!    At least that’s what I keep telling myself.   (Today it’s snowing here in Missouri – again.   So far it looks like about 8″ piled up on the BBQ grill.   Won’t be needing THAT for a while!)   I’ve been sending lots of Easter cards your way the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d change it up a bit and throw in some cards here and there that show our new spring line of stamps.   Serendipity’s incredible design team just completed their February Challenge, which was – you guessed it – Spring!  The card below was created by Lynda Benden.    Lynda used our new Table For Two Cling Set 1200QCL.  Notice that cute awning she put over the table?   Lynda is so creative!

Table-For-Two---1200G---Lynda Benden
Your Friendship Means A Latte -1199E - Lynda Benden

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Chicks and Flowers

Here’s our other adorable chick stamp.   840E Chick With Tulip or the cling set 840QCL, which includes “Celebrate Each Day” and “Thinking of You”.  This first sample is an amazing diarama from Holly Craft.   The stamps she uses in addition to the Chick are Bunny Artist, Happy Easter, Easter Wreath Small, and Jeanie’s Easter Basket.

Chick with Tulip Diarama - 840E - Holly Craft

The next card is from Sue Eldred – she included the Easter Flower Corner with the chick. 
Chick with Flower and Easter Corner - 840E-842F - Sue Eldred

The next card is from Amy Cokley – it’s a whole parade of chicks!
Easter-Chick-With-Tulip-840E--Amy Cokley


Chicks and Eggs

In a month or so the farm supply stores around here will start stocking chicks.  I’m sure it’s not politically correct – even though I think they’ve stopping dying them different colors for Easter.   But I can’t help it – I love the chicks!   Our chickens are 2 years old now, and maybe we’ll re-stock with some new chicks this year.   But then we have to decide – more Buff Orpingtons and Araucana’s or something new and exotic like a Sumatra?   Oh decisions, decisions….Until then I’ll just have to make do with my little Serendipity Chicks.   Today we’re looking at 841E – Chick with Egg, also available in the cling set 841QCL, which includes “Cheep Cheep” and Jelly Beans. 

The first card is from Sue Eldred – she also used “Cheep Cheep” which is included in the 841QCL cling set.
Chick With Egg - 841E - Sue Eldred

The card below is from Lynda Benden.
Chick-with-Egg---841E---Lynda Benden

And the last card is from Carolyn Hurst, who creatively combined the chick with 842F Easter Flower Corner.
Chick With Egg and Flowers - 841E - 842F - Carolyn Hurst

And one more from Lynda Benden.
Chick with Egg - 841E - Lynda Benden


Let Sleeping Bunnies Be

We have a bit of a twisted history with the Easter Bunny in our family.   My husband is a hunter – and bunnies are sometimes on his list of prey (but usually only as a last resort – if he just can’t find anything else to shoot, squirrels fall into a similar category).   ANYWAY – as the girls run around the yard hunting eggs, my husband yells threats that he’ll shoot that Easter Bunny for hiding all of the eggs we worked so hard dying!   But no one, not even my husband, would shoot a bunny as adorable as this little guy.   The Sleeping Bunny Cling Set – 983QCL includes a lovely Laura Ingalls Wilder quote.   Or you can get the same stamp individually – 983E – Sleeping Bunny.  As you can see, this stamp would be great for baby cards as well as Easter cards.

The card below was made by Lynda Benden.


The card below was made by Carolyn Hurst.  She also used 706D Happy Easter and if you look closely at the background you’ll shadow stamping of butterflies and Easter Eggs.  

Sleeping-Bunny-983E-Carolyn Hurst

The card below was made by Sue Eldred.  She also used 617B Thinking of You Small.
Sleeping bunny - 983E - sue Eldred

And last, but not least, is another card from Lynda Benden.
Sleeping Bunny 2 - 983E - Lynda Benden


Easter Egg Tree

Here are three adorable cards made using  843H Easter Tree .  The cling set, 843QCL, come with the word stamp Happy Easter.

This first one is made by Jennifer Woodward.
Easter-Egg-Tree-843H-Jennifer Woodward

The next is by Sue Eldred.
Easter Egg Tree - 843H - Sue Eldred

And last, but not least is one by Carolyn Hurst. 
Easter Egg Tree - 843H - Carolyn Hurst


Easter Cross

Each year my family attends the Easter Vigil at our church.   It’s a beautiful candle-lit service held on Easter Eve.   We belong to the Episcopal Church, which is rich with traditions such as incense, bee’s wax candles, and beautiful vestments.    It’s a joyous service, followed by a big feast and party, complete with parishoner Bev Rogencamp’s traditional Lamb Cake!   And each year, after the Easter season of the church ends, those who wish to, may take home the Easter Lilies that have decorated the alter and plant them in our gardens.   The Cross With Lilies – 984F image is a beautiful rendition of these lilies.   The 984QCL Cling set comes with “He is Risen” and “Alleluiah”.   Below are two cards made with the Cross with Lilies image.  The first is by Carolyn Hurst and the second, by Yvonne Hagane.

Cross With Lilies - 984F - Carolyn Hurst

Cross-With-Lilies-984F-Yvonne Hagane

The next card is another from Carolyn Hurst.
Cross with Lily - 984F - Carolyn Hurst


Easter Eggs

Easter is on April 4th this year.   So you still have lot’s of time to work on Easter cards.   But….I have lots of Easter Cards to show you, so I thought I’d go ahead and get started.   Several years ago a fellow stamper mentioned that she had a hard time finding Easter themed stamps.  Well you don’t have to tell me something twice (OK – some times you do, but not in this case).   Since then Serendipity Stamps has created dozens of stamps for Easter – both secular and non-secular.  And one of the most popular of all time is our set of Easter Eggs.    I worked with McGill Punches to create these stamps AND a punch to punch them out.   Eggs are NOT oval shaped – they’re EGG shaped.   You can get the stamps in the large size, which are approx. 2 1/8″ tall – these coordinate with the McGill Super Giant Egg Punch.   The small eggs are approx. 1 1/4″ tall (there is no coordinating punch for the small eggs).   The eggs are available mounted on a wood cube – but honestly, the best way to order them is unmounted or on cling cushion.   Use these links to see the  685QCL Easter Eggs Large Cling Set, the Super Giant Egg Punch, and 849QCL Easter Eggs Small Cling Set.  The Egg Punch is available in limited numbers so don’t wait too long to order!   Notice that one of the eggs is simply a speckled bird egg – which of course you can use all year long.   Now – the designs….

Easter Egg Paint Bucket by Kelli Richardson.Easter-Egg-Bucket-685QCL-Kelli Richardson

Easter Egg Duo by Sue Eldred
Easter Eggs - 685QCL - Sue Eldred

Easter Egg Happy Spring by Sue Eldred
Easter Eggs 2 - 685QCL - Sue Eldred

Shrink Plastic Easter Egg Shaker by Amy Cokley
Shrink-Plastic-Easter-Eggs-685QCL-Amy Cokley

Small Easter Egg Card by Sue Eldred
Easter Eggs Small - 849QCL - Sue Eldred

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