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Free Shipping Until Nov 23rd

Place an order for $25 or more and get free shipping on U.S. orders.  50% off  shipping on international orders.  Ends November 23rd

IMPORTANT – You must select the $0.00 shipping from the drop down “Ship Via” box during checkout. 

Also – 25% off the Snow Angel Cling Set – 1188QCL

Snow Angel - 1188G - Sophie LaFontaine

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Snowman Angel Gallery – Do Over

Here’s a post that actually contains a link to the Snowman Gallery.  Sorry!  Just click the Snow Angel or the link to the left and you’ll go right to the gallery.

Snow Angel - 1188G - Holly Craft


Snowman Gallery

I’ve been hoarding all of the snowman cards from the DT and from customers until I could them them all into one big Snowman Gallery.  It’s done!  And to be specific – it’s a snow “being” gallery.  We cover the full spectrum – snowmen, snowwomen, snowkids, snowpets, and snowpersons (those non-gender specific snow creatures).  There are over 40 cards in the gallery right now.  And to encourage everyone to help me grow the gallery I’ve put the Snow Angel Cling Set on sale for 25% off.  But that’s not the best part….

Free Shipping Until November 23rd! 
All orders over $25 ship free!  Spend some of your hard earned money on yourself before you spend it all on everyone else’s presents.  Buy some snowman stamps and send me your cards!

Just click the Snowman Gallery link over in the list of galleries to see the Snowman Gallery.   Here’s a peak at the Snow Angel.  

Snow Angel - 1188G - Holly Craft


Christmas Barns

There’s a little back highway that we take when we drive through the Missouri Ozarks to go camping.  Along one stretch you see several little houses and barns made of stone.   I always wish I could see the inside of those houses and find out their histories.  We never drive that road in the winter – we’re not that rugged!  But I imagine at least one of those little stone barns is hung with a pretty Christmas wreath just like in the card below.  Holly Craft and Jennifer Woodward used Barn Door With Wreath –  1190G on their cards.   This image also comes in a cling set  – 1190QCL.  Holly used Winter Wishes – 1193E on her card.

Barn Door With Wreath - 1190G - Jennifer Woodward

Barn Door With Wreath - 1190G - Holly Craft

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Customer Challenge Results

We received some really beautiful entries for our Customer Challenge, Christmas Ornament or Gift.  The winner of our random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to Serendipity Stamps is Lisa Silver.  Congratulations Lisa!   Below are the customer entries from Lisa Silver –, Annie Johnson –, and Sandra Brooks.  Thank you ladies! 

December Customer Challenge-Shaped Cards-Deadline December 11th
Make a card with a unique shape, using Serendipity Stamps, and email it to me at by December 11th and you could win the random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to Serendipity Stamps!

Winter Doe Ornament - 297H - Sandra  Brooks
Winter Doe Ornament - 297H - Lisa Silver
Winter Doe Ornament 2 - 297H - Lisa Silver
Spring in Provence Frame - 601H - Lisa Silver
Holly Ivy Candle- 680F - Annie Johnson

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Winter Fencelines

NOTE – Just two day left to enter our Customer Challenge – Christmas Ornament or Gift – deadline November 11th!

Winter Fenceline  – 1194H is another Serendipity Stamps image that really lends itself to a wide variety of designs – so much so that it’s name hardly fits on one of the cards you’ll see below!  Just take a look.  These cards were made by Lynda Benden, Holly Craft, Sue Eldred, and Spring Fenceline by Anya Schrier.  They’ve use the Winter Fenceline image, which is available as an individual stamp and also as a the cling set 1194QCL.  Also, May The Peace of the Lord – 1195F and May Your Heart – 1187E

Winter Fenceline - 1194H - Lynda Benden

Winter Fenceline - 1194H - Holly Craft

Winter Fenceline - 1194H - Sue Eldred

Winter Fenceline - 1194H - Anya Schrier


Milkweeds and Monarchs – and a quickie sale!

For a limited time we have the Milkweed Cling Set – 856QCL on sale for 50% off!  I took this photo the other day of a milkweed pod next to our drive.  It’s all fluffed out and just waiting for someone to pick it and blow all the seeds away!  Did you know that milkweed plants are vital to the survival of Monarch butterflies and that the decline of milkweed plants due to herbicides and loss of habitat could harm the butterfly population? You can purchase Monarch Waystation Seed Kits to help the butterflies.  A kit and a matching card would be a nice present for someone this Christmas! Below you’ll see a beautiful and simple card to inspire you.

Milkweed Pod 



Bare Trees

Most of the trees around our house are bare now – except for the oaks and the sweetgum, who are modest and like to stay clothed for as long as possible.    There are some stamps that just lend themselves to variety and our Bare Tree – 1185E is one of those stamps.  Here is a little gallery of bare trees.


Old Barns

We have an old, old barn on our property.   It’s beautiful, falling apart, and as much a part of the natural landscape as the giant red boulders left by the glaciers thousands of years ago that dot the hillsides next to it.  Next time you’re driving in the country – or even in some suburb – pay attention and I’m sure you’ll see some old barns – maybe even one like the one below.  Sharon Briss made this card using 1145K – Barn & Windmill.   Sharon is the Creative Team Leader for Gingersnap Creations.  Her personal blog is Ill Tempered Ink

Barn & Windmill - 1145K - Sharon Briss

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Snowflake Flourish Gallery

I called Serendipity’s primary lettering artist Jan Powell in July and asked her if she could create a “snowflake flourish”.   (In “lettering” language, a flourish is a pretty swirly do-hicky thing).  She asked if I had anything specific in mind and I did – I had a picture in my mind, but all I could say was – “a pretty, swirly-lined, snowflake.”  That must have meant something to Jan because what she created is exactly what I had in mind.   And it must be exactly what many of you had in mind too because we’ve been selling them like hotcakes!   So here is a gallery of designs to provide you with inspiration.   All are made using 1196QCL – Snowflake Flourish Cling Set, 1196G – Snowflake Flourish Large, or 1197B – Snowflake Flourish Small  (dollar sale!).