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Autumn Owl

Yvonne Hagane created this Autumn Owl card.  Yvonne is the queen of the die cut.  She always seems to have the perfect one to accentuate the design of the stamped images and the layout of the card.  Notice how the shape of the dies she uses to frame the owl image mirror the shape of the oak leaves and the pattern in her background paper?  Yvonne used 1182G – Autumn Owl or you could use 1182QCL – Autumn Owl Cling set and get a beautiful “Thank You” image along with the owl. 

Autumn Owl - 1182G - Yvonne Hagane



Just look at this elegant card made by Jennifer Woodward!   Everything seems to come together perfectly, from her die cut shapes, to the copper brads, to the glaze on the acorns and the satin ribbon.  Jennifer also has one of the most elegant blogs I’ve seen!    She made this card using 1141F – Acorns, 334D – Autumn Leaves (on the dollar sale right now!), or you can get both together with another beautifully lettered quote in 1141QCL Acorns Cling Set.

Acorns - 1141F - Jennifer Woodward

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Autumn Birdhouse

I am so behind in posting the gorgeous cards that the Serendipity Stamps Design Team and customers send to me!   So for a couple of days I’m just going to post cards, no blab about my life, my garden, my kids, fishing, hunting – just cards!   Enjoy!

This card was made by Holly Craft – who is well named!   She even has articles in magazines about making cookies, and felted bags – and I’m sure many other things that I’ve missed.  Check out Holly’s blog to see more of her cards and other hobbies.   This card was made using 1179H – Autumn Birdhouse, 1180E – Music Is, 1179QCL – Autumn Birdhouse Cling Set, 642C – Maple Small, 904X – Giant Maple Punch.

Autumn Birdhouse - 1179H - Holly Craft


Rubber Stamps and Julia Child – And a Sale!

I’m listening to Julia Child’s biography titled “My Life In France” (audio is a great way to enjoy this book – to hear the narrator pronounce all that lovely French!).  And guess what?  Julia “was nuts about rubber stamps!”   I always knew I had something in common with Julia – it obviously isn’t my cooking skills, so it has to be the rubber stamps!   It is a really fun book – to read about what life in France was like post WWII and of course all that food!   And just to hear someone talk so enthusiastically of something  about which she is so passtionate.   It’s inspiring!   And to inspire you further here are cards from Carolyn Hurst, Holly Craft, and Sue Eldred.  

All are made with our set 1153QCL – Kitchen Tools which will be 25% off until Friday!

Don’t forget to enter our Customer Challenge.  Send a photo of your Christmas Ornament or Gift – made with Serendipity Stamps – to by Nov. 11 and you’ll be entered in our random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to Serendipity Stamps.   Remember a Christmas Gift does not have to be made with Christmas stamps!   It just has to be a “gift” or an “ornament” rather than a card. 

Kitchen Tools - 1153QCL - Carolyn Hurst

Kitchen Tools - 1153QCL - Holly Craft

Kitchen Tools - 1153QCL - Sue Eldred

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Autumn Wreaths

I saw Catherine St. Clair’s beautiful Autumn Wreath card on her blog and asked if I could put it on our blog too!  I’ve also included other cards from Catherine and from Sue Eldred made using the same image and also the smaller version of our Autumn Wreath.   For our botanical images especially, I like to create both a large and a small version of the stamp.  This gives you the room to enjoy all the detail of the large one, but then also a small version for the outside of an envelope, inside of a card or when you just want a small image to add with a sentiment.  The images used on these cards include Autumn Wreath Large Cling Set – 963QCL, Autumn Wreath Large Individual Stamp – 963K, Autumn Wreath Small 928E, And Those Who Are Peacemakers – 942F, Oak Small – 641C . 

Autumn Wreath Tall -963QCL - Catherine St. Clair - Paper Garden Projects

Autumn Wreath Square - 963K - Catherine St. Clair - Paper Garden Projects

Autumn Wreath - 963K - Sue Eldred

Autumn Wreath Small - 928E - Sue Eldred


Leafy Pets

I’m getting ready to head out for a weekend in the Missouri Ozarks – trout fishing with my husband – woo hoo!  Actually, he’ll fish and I’ll read and knit (woo hoo!  that one wasn’t sarcastic).  We’ll have 6 hours of quiet driving time and several blissful meals with no teenagers around!  WOO HOO!  What does this have to do with “leafy pets”?  Nothing, except Opal was rolling in the leaves this morning, totally ignorant of the fact that she was going to be stuck in the kennel all weekend and it reminded me of this cute card Cindy Malone sent me last week.  She used Leaf Pets 1024QCL (cling set) or 1024G (individual image).  Cindy’s blog is – if her name looks familiar it’s because she won our Customer Halloween Challenge last week!  

Remember – this month’s is Customer Challenge is a Christmas Ornament or Gift.  Just email your project, made with Serendipity Stamps, to by November 11th and you’ll have a chance to win our random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to Serendipity Stamps.

Leaf Pets - 1024G - Cindy Malone

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The Gift Of Time

A gift that requires time and thought is truly special.  Since we’re in the midst of our Customer Challenge – Christmas Ornament or Gift – I thought I’d provide a little inspiration with an absolutely amazing design piece that was made a while back by Christine Scharfer – who lives in Sweden.  Christine used our Illustrated Months 597FCL   or 597L3-UM to create this accordian calendar.  For each panel, she stamped, colored, and cut out the oval month (notice she cuts each month image into a different shape?).  Then she adds a hand-lettered calendar grid and other embellishments.   This alone would be a treasure to receive, but she doesn’t stop there – Christine made a pretty little case for her calendar.  Below are several photos.  Enjoy!  Then check out Christine’s blog –  (it’s in Swedish though!)

Calendar 1 - Illustrated Months 597FCL - Christine Scharfer

Calendar Close Up - Illustrated Months 597FCL - Christine Scharfer

Calendar 2 - Illustrated Months 597FCL - Christine Scharfer Calendar 3 - Illustrated Months 597FCL - Christine Scharfer Calendar Cover - Christine Calendar Case - Christine


Christmas Ornament and Gift Challenge AND SALE!

I’m so excited for you to see and be inspired by what the Serendipity Stamps Design Team has done for this awesome challenge  – so excited that I’ve put ALL of the stamps they used on sale!  Just until Monday though so don’t wait!   Each stamp is linked to the Challenge Sale Page where you can add it to your cart and get 25% off.  This sale will NOT be advertised anywhere else on the website and the stamps must be ordered from this Challenge Sale page to get the sale price.  Also, be sure to check out the designer’s galleries and blogs over on the right for additional photos and instructions for these projects. 

Anya Schrier’s little framed ornament below is made with 682E – Chickadees and 087D – And the Song.  Click her gallery to the right to see a close up.
Chickadees Framed Hanging - 682E - Anya Schrier

Jennifer Woodward’s beautiful candle set is made using 1196G – Snowflake Flourish Large and 1197B – Snowflake Flourish Small (which is on the $1 sale!).  Jennifer’s gallery also has a close-up photo. 
Snowflake Flourish Two Candles - 1196QCL - Jennifer Woodward
Yvonne Hagane’s done it again with her gorgeous detailed styling of embellishments.  Her ornament was made using 1196G – Snowflake Flourish Large
Snowflake Flourish Ornament - 1196QCL - Yvonne Hagane
Kathie Baily made a wonderful set of coordinating projects – a tin with multiple tage to decorate and label it.   She used 1196G – Snowflake Flourish Large, 1197B – Snowflake Flourish Small, 165A – From, and 166A – To (both of which are on the dollar sale!).  I love how she created three completely different looks with the Snowflake Flourish!
Snowflake Flourish Christmas Tin - 1196QCL - Kathie Bailey
Snowflake Flourish Ornament - 1196QCL - Kathie BaileySnowflake Flourish Tag - 1196QCL - Kathie Bailey
Amy Cokley always excells at creating three dimensional wonders and she’s done it again.  Her star ornament was made using 452QCL – Star Cling Set, which coordinates with the McGill Super Giant Star Punch.   Her bookmarks were made with 135QCL – Steeple Cling Set or 135F – Steeple and 145E – Softly Fell
Star Ornament 1 - 452QCL - Amy CokleyAnd Softly Fell Bookmark1 - 135QCL -  Amy Cokley
Sue Eldred’s nostalgic, old-time ornament is made using 1186L – Covered Bridge.
Covered Bridge - 1186L - Sue Eldred
And last, but certainly not least, my fellow chicken farmer, Lynda Benden’s bright and cheery Luminarie is made from 1132H – Cozy Village.
Cozy Village Luminarie -1132H - Lynda Benden


Halloween Customer Challenge

We had three great entries for our Halloween Customer Challenge and Cindy Malone is the winner of our random drawing.  (this is a very sophisticated process – I write everyone’s name down on a scrap of paper and put them in a bowl.  Mary, my trusty 75 yr old employee – who everyone thinks is my mother – closes her eyes and swirls the scraps around for a minute, then picks one).  Cindy wins a $20 gift certificate to Serendipity Stamps!  Thanks so much Cindy, Patricia and Marge for entering our challenge – your cards will be in our Serendipity Customers Gallery from now until the end of time!

Be sure to enter the next challenge – create a Christmas Ornament or Gift using Serendipity Stamps.  Email it to me at before November 11th and we’ll draw one name out of our trusty little bowl to win a $20 Serendipity Stamps Gift Certificate.  It could be you!

Happy Jack - 1023QCL - Cindy Malone

Kitty Under Hat - 1119F - Marge Minnella

Kitty Under Hat - 1119F - Patricia Olsen of Paper Maniac

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Quick Turkey and Corn

Now that sounds like my kind of recipe!  No really, it’s a description of two of my favorite cards of all time.  You see – I have a confession to make.  I’m a very impatient stamper.  Quick and easy are what works for me.  Sue Eldred made these cards for Serendipity Stamps years ago.  And can’t tell you how many times I’ve copied them.  When you need a card – in 10 minutes before the mailman comes, two days before Thanksgiving.  These are the cards for you.    For the first one Sue used 800K –  Turkey Large   (it comes in a small size too – 801E) and 488E – We Give Thanks.  The second card Sue made using 804H – Indian Corn Large (the small one is 803D) and 802F – Autumn Is The Mellower Season.

Turkey Large - 800K - Sue Eldred

Indian Corn Large - 804H - Sue Eldred

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