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New Stamps From Serendipity!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted and I’m so sorry!   But good news!   Serendipity has new stamps!   Head on over to check them out and check back here next week for some new designs from the SS Design Team!

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Customer Postcard Challenge

crazy monkey

Congratulations to Velta Wesson!   You won the random drawing from our Customer Postcard Challenge!   Velta gets a free QCL sized cling set of her choice.   Thanks for entering Velta and here’s the pretty postcard you sent.   She used our cling set 712QCL – Adirondak Chair.   You can check out Velta’s blog at

 Watch for my next post to see what our next Customer Challenge will be.  

Adirondak Chair Postcard - 712QCL - Velta Wesson

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Easter Baskets

Last year I decided to fill my daughters’ Easter baskets with practical gifts rather than candy.   So they got socks and underwear – it doesn’t get much more practical than that right?   Well it didn’t go over so well so this year may find me in the chocolate bunny aisle again.   Plus – if I don’t give them candy, who am I supposed to sneak candy from for my own sweet tooth?

Some Easter Baskets for you.   These first cards, with the basket with the plain eggs is Jeanie’s Easter Basket – 701H – named after the artist who drew it.  This same basket is in the Cling set 567QCL with a beautiful word stamp.

Jennifer Woodward
Jeanne's-Easter-Basket-701H - Jennifer Woodward

Carolyn Hurst
carolynsEaster tag card

Pat Connelly

The cards below were made using Judy’s Easter Basket – 702K – again named after the artist.    The cling set for this basket is 702QCL.

Carolyn Hurst

Kathie Bailey

Sue Eldred


Chicks and Wagons

Believe it or not, one of the more challenging things I have to do is come up with names for the new images our artists create.   It seems like it would be easy, maybe even fun right?   But the name has to mean something to you the stamper – say you want to google to find a stamp with a chick and a wagon.   And it has to mean something to those of us here in the shop who have to pull the stamp off the shelf, or maybe press the stamp, or cut it out, and so on.  So when I really want to call a cute little chick “Norbert” I can’t – I have to call him “Chick with Egg Wagon”.   Here are LOTS of examples of the Chick with Egg Wagon – 1092F or 1092QCL.
Maria Levine

Carolyn Hurst

Sue Eldred


Holly Craft

Kelli Richardson

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Bunny Artists

In just about 3 weeks that silly Easter Bunny will be sneaking into our refrigerator and stealing all of our beautifully dyed Easter Eggs and hiding them all over the yard.  So don’t wait too long to get your Easter Stamps!   Our Bunny Artist image – 985F, which is available in a cling set, 985QCL too – has inspired our designers to create lots of cards!   Here are some to inspire you.

This first card was made by Sue Eldred using the stamps in the cling set, 985QCL.  Below that is a horizontal version.


The card below was created by Carolyn Hurst.  In addition to the Bunny Artist, she used Happy Easter II – 706D.


And below you’ll find two more cards created by Carolyn Hurst who used the Three Ducks  – 981F image too.


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Easter Flowers

I haven’t seen any flowers here yet….but a couple days ago the last of the snow that fell in December melted in the garden and there was still green spinach under there!   So surely it won’t be long before some flowers start peeking out.  Until then we’ll enjoy some examples made with the Easter Flower Corner image, which can be purchased individually as 842F or in a cling set as 842QCL that includes the words you see on Anya Schrier’s pretty card below. 

This-is-the-Day--770G-Anya Schrier

Carolyn Hurst created the card below using some 3D layering with the same image.
Easter Flower Corner - 842F - Carolyn Hurst


We’re Just Duckie

The neighborhood I grew up in had a small lake that was home to several ducks.  Each spring there would be at least one family of ducklings paddling around the lake.    Anya Schrier’s cute spring card brought back lots of fun memories of my brother and I taking a bag full of old bread scraps up to feed those greedy ducks (and dodging that mean hissing goose!).  Anya used Serendipity’s “Three Ducks” 981F and “Happy Spring” 847C for her February Spring Challenge card below.   Another good image to combine with the Three Ducks image is 844D Jelly Beans.

Below is another duckie card – this one made by Sue Eldred…
Three Ducks - 981F - Sue Eldred
And one more, made by Carolyn Hurst.    Carolyn stamped her image on velum along with Happy Easter II 706D and layered it over the Easter Wreath Large 979K.
Three Ducks - 981F - Carolyn Hurst


Chicks and Flowers

Here’s our other adorable chick stamp.   840E Chick With Tulip or the cling set 840QCL, which includes “Celebrate Each Day” and “Thinking of You”.  This first sample is an amazing diarama from Holly Craft.   The stamps she uses in addition to the Chick are Bunny Artist, Happy Easter, Easter Wreath Small, and Jeanie’s Easter Basket.

Chick with Tulip Diarama - 840E - Holly Craft

The next card is from Sue Eldred – she included the Easter Flower Corner with the chick. 
Chick with Flower and Easter Corner - 840E-842F - Sue Eldred

The next card is from Amy Cokley – it’s a whole parade of chicks!
Easter-Chick-With-Tulip-840E--Amy Cokley


Chicks and Eggs

In a month or so the farm supply stores around here will start stocking chicks.  I’m sure it’s not politically correct – even though I think they’ve stopping dying them different colors for Easter.   But I can’t help it – I love the chicks!   Our chickens are 2 years old now, and maybe we’ll re-stock with some new chicks this year.   But then we have to decide – more Buff Orpingtons and Araucana’s or something new and exotic like a Sumatra?   Oh decisions, decisions….Until then I’ll just have to make do with my little Serendipity Chicks.   Today we’re looking at 841E – Chick with Egg, also available in the cling set 841QCL, which includes “Cheep Cheep” and Jelly Beans. 

The first card is from Sue Eldred – she also used “Cheep Cheep” which is included in the 841QCL cling set.
Chick With Egg - 841E - Sue Eldred

The card below is from Lynda Benden.
Chick-with-Egg---841E---Lynda Benden

And the last card is from Carolyn Hurst, who creatively combined the chick with 842F Easter Flower Corner.
Chick With Egg and Flowers - 841E - 842F - Carolyn Hurst

And one more from Lynda Benden.
Chick with Egg - 841E - Lynda Benden


Let Sleeping Bunnies Be

We have a bit of a twisted history with the Easter Bunny in our family.   My husband is a hunter – and bunnies are sometimes on his list of prey (but usually only as a last resort – if he just can’t find anything else to shoot, squirrels fall into a similar category).   ANYWAY – as the girls run around the yard hunting eggs, my husband yells threats that he’ll shoot that Easter Bunny for hiding all of the eggs we worked so hard dying!   But no one, not even my husband, would shoot a bunny as adorable as this little guy.   The Sleeping Bunny Cling Set – 983QCL includes a lovely Laura Ingalls Wilder quote.   Or you can get the same stamp individually – 983E – Sleeping Bunny.  As you can see, this stamp would be great for baby cards as well as Easter cards.

The card below was made by Lynda Benden.


The card below was made by Carolyn Hurst.  She also used 706D Happy Easter and if you look closely at the background you’ll shadow stamping of butterflies and Easter Eggs.  

Sleeping-Bunny-983E-Carolyn Hurst

The card below was made by Sue Eldred.  She also used 617B Thinking of You Small.
Sleeping bunny - 983E - sue Eldred

And last, but not least, is another card from Lynda Benden.
Sleeping Bunny 2 - 983E - Lynda Benden


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